NHW Doggy Day Care (again)

NHW Doggy Day Care (again).  Just had two very hot & wet stray dogs run into our yard. Quickly penned them in, only to have them escape just as quickly. We then had to tie them up while I went down the street, looking for an owner. As luck would have it, MBRC Dog Ranger was already on the job, having had a report of two dogs running loose on Walkers Road, about 2 km from us. SO, just handed them over to Dog-Ranger Sue, CR Number 2074519, who tells me they will be taken to the DAKABIN POUND for further investigation. The white, spotty female Staffy has been de-sexed, so will have a Microchip, while the young tan, male cross-breed has a SUNSHINE COAST COUNCIL tag. If these are YOUR dogs, or you know who they belong to, contact MBRC on (07) 3205 0555 and quote Ref No’s 030270 & 030271. Not sure if they are new to the area, or escaped from a visitors car but they obviously have been running for quite some time. We HOPE to get these two loving dogs HOME where they belong. PLEASE FOLKS, this could have ended in DISASTER. Make sure your dogs are in a secure yard.

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